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Schedule 2017


Hopman Cup
Perth, Australia
ITF Mixed Teams Championships
Hard – 8 teams (RR)

Qatar Open
Doha, Qatar
ATP World Tour 250
$1,334,270 – Hard – 32S/16Q/16D
Singles Draw – Doubles Draw

Chennai Open
Chennai, India
ATP World Tour 250
$505,730 – Hard – 28S/16Q/16D
Singles Draw – Doubles Draw

Brisbane International
Brisbane, Australia
ATP World Tour 250
$495,630 – Hard – 28S/16Q/16D
Singles Draw – Doubles Draw

Auckland Open
Auckland, New Zealand
ATP World Tour 250
$508,360 – Hard – 28S/32Q/16D
Singles Draw – Doubles Draw

Sydney International
Sydney, Australia
ATP World Tour 250
$495,630 – Hard – 28S/32Q/16D
Singles Draw – Doubles Draw

Australian Open
Melbourne, Australia
Grand Slam– Hard
Singles Draw – Doubles Draw – Mixed Draw

Davis Cup First Round
Buenos Aires, Argentina – Clay
Frankfurt, Germany – Hard
Kooyong, Australia – Hard
Birmingham, United States – Hard
Tokyo, Japan – Hard
Ottawa, Canada – Hard
Niš, Serbia – Hard
Osijek, Croatia – Hard


Open Sud de France
Montpellier, France
ATP World Tour 250

Sofia Open
Sofia, Bulgaria
ATP World Tour 250

Quito Open
Quito, Ecuador
ATP World Tour 250

Rotterdam Open
Rotterdam, Netherlands
ATP World Tour 500

Memphis Open
Memphis, United States
ATP World Tour 250

Argentina Open
Buenos Aires, Argentina
ATP World Tour 250

Rio Open
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ATP World Tour 500

Open 13
Marseille, France
ATP World Tour 250

Delray Beach Open
Delray Beach, United States
ATP World Tour 250

What is the Magic of Tennis?

No game can beat Tennis when it comes to delivering overall health benefits like physical fitness, mental development, and emotional growth. Ask any tennis player and in all probability he or she will say tennis is a lifetime Sport; it promotes physical fitness, social skills, and most of all it is all about the fun!

But Aren't All Sports?

Even if you put the benefits of playing Tennis aside, there is no denying that tennis today is a hugely popular game enjoyed by millions of recreational players and watched all over the world by an exceedingly growing numbers of funs. So when, where and how did this sport played by two people slamming a ball across an obstacle, got to be so popular?

The origin of Tennis:

There is some evidence that Tennis was played in ancient Greece, but the facts are unsubstantiated. Some say, European monks were the first to play this game, and funny enough, they played it by hitting a wooden ball with their bare hands. In due course, leather gloves came into existence which later was followed by a convenient handle for effective grip. The monasteries all over Europe loved playing this game, so in that sense we can presume tennis originated in the 14th century. Lawn tennis was enormously popular in late Victorian Britain especially because the game was played outdoors on grass. The game got further famous with the commercial production of Charles Goodyear’s vulcanized rubber. It made it possible to make a tennis ball, smooth and soft enough to bounce without spoiling the grass on the tennis courts.

The name origin:

But from where did the name tennis stem from? Here is an interesting anecdote: The French royalty loved Tennis, and they played it with gusto during the period between 16th and 18th centuries. They called it “Jeu de paumme” – or the "palm game". Each time the game would begin they shouted “tenez” meaning “play.” The word “tenez” with a little shift finally came to be known as "Tennis" for all times.

Davis Cup

This premier international team’s event was conceived in 1899 by Dwight Filley Davis, an American Tennis player and politician. The first competition took place in 1900 when Britain played the United States. Sixteen of the world’s best national teams are assigned annually to play in Davis Cup. Even Davis Cup is known to spring surprises when Serbia, in December 2010 became the second unseeded nation to win the trophy. Since the beginning of the Davis Cup Tournament, the United States has won the event most number of times with 32 wins followed by Australia with 28 wins. The champion of last year and the current defending champion is Serbia.
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The Davis Cup
Davis Cup

Grand Slam

When Martina Navratilova finished trouncing Chris Evert Lloyd in the finals of the 1985 French Open, she made history of sorts. The conquest was remarkable not only because of the number of times they met before or the various times she beat Lloyd, but because that year Martina Navratilova became one of the only five players in history to win all four Major Tennis tournaments: the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the French Open, achieving the "Grand Slam" – an honor reserved only for players that won all four tournaments in the same year.

The origin of Grand Slam

It has been an illustrious journey for Grand Slam ever since Don Budge of USA first won the four major tournaments in a single calendar year in 1938. Interestingly, the term Grand Slam was first applied to golf in 1930.

The Court

The overall size of a Tennis court lawn is kept 60 feet by 120 feet. For actual doubles play, the court dimensions are 36 feet by 78 feet, whereas for singles play the width is 27 feet with no change in the dimension of length. The net measures 42 feet from pole to pole and is 3 feet 6 inches at its highest point and 3 feet at the center, its lowest point. The orientation of Tennis courts is kept north--south to prevent sun glare from disturbing the players’ eyes. Tennis is played on any one of the following surfaces : Clay, Hard, Grass and Indoor Hard.

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